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Sailboats for Sale

Hanse 315

Length: 9.62 m
Year: 2020

Puma 29

Length: 8.38 m
Year: 1980

Dehler 36 CWS

Length: 11.31 m
Year: 1992

Cervera and Ramis

Length: 9.64 m
Year: 1982

Dufour 38 Classic

Length: 11.98 m
Year: 1998
79,000  Not available
Not available

Northshore Southerly 105

Length: 10.50 m
Year: 1979

Beneteau Oceanis 311 Clipper with new engine

Length: 9.50 m
Year: 2001
65,000  52,000

Noray 43 Ketch

Length: 11.75 m
Year: 1980

Sail Boat for Sale Mallorca

In Vyachts we are experts in sailboats for sale in Mallorca. We have been doing it for many years, so we are professionals in the field. We have the necessary knowledge to dedicate ourselves to it, so we can advise you on any question you need.

The sale of a boat is a complex process. You must be very sure before carrying it out, and we give that security and tranquility to each of our customers when hiring our service.

Sailboats are boats that move thanks to the action of the wind. The sail, along with the rigging, the hull, the keel and the rudder make up the boat can move with the help of the wind. We have sailboats of multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. From those dinghies of 2 meters, to the huge yachts of 100 meters.

The good climate of Mallorca, its beautiful landscape, its incredible coves and beaches and its transparent waters will make your stay on the boat on the high seas a special one. With a boat you can live unique moments, enjoy an incredible experience every time you are on board with your family, friends, or alone, enjoying the sensations.

Buying a sailboat is an experience as important as buying a car or a house. Before making the final decision, it is convenient to pay attention to several factors that will make the final purchase is the most appropriate. We can advise you on any issue. If you are not clear about the sailboat you want, we can help you select the one that best suits you.

In addition, before the purchase you will be able to visit the boat to see the model you are interested in up close. You will be able to see in person its carpentry, its installations, the engine, etc. As for the price, we offer products with an excellent quality-price ratio. The prices are in accordance with each of the boats.

Vyachts is one of the most specialized and professional companies in sailboats for sale in Mallorca. Our great experience in the sector corroborates it. Count on us to buy one of our sailboats, enjoy it with your family and friends and live unrepeatable moments on board!